Workshop gratuit « Talking about Money » – BXL 18/11

Évènements - 7/10/2015

Le mercredi 18 novembre, le directeur du Forum Européen des Indépendants Professionnels animera un workshop gratuit intitulé "Talking about Money" dans nos bureaux bruxellois.

Ci-dessous, la description du workshop, qui sera donné en anglais.

« Most successful freelancers have found that one of the most powerful shifts they made in their business was how they spoke about their fees.  A few simple skills can add thousands to annual revenue, for a minimum of extra effort. 
At the same time, we all work in an economy where purchasers have become equally adept at reducing rates… often by pitting freelancers against each other. So what do you need to learn to obtain more value from the hours that you work?
In this session, John Niland (patron of EFIP) will give examples of the common pitfalls to avoid. Using real-life case studies, he will demonstrate how freelancers can often double their rates by learning some basic conversation skills about money. »

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