FuckUp Night #9- vernissage Kris Verdonck & afterparty Theaterfestival, 10/09/2015

Events - 10/8/2015

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LaVallée grand opening celebrating with the neighbours  on the 10th of September :

:18.oo, « ISOS », Kris Verdonck, vernissage video installation,  rue La Vallée 41, 1080 Molenbeek

My fear is not that something will happen; my biggest fear is that nothing will happen.” (J.G. BALLARD)
ISOS is a 3D video installation created by A Two Dogs Company / Kris Verdonck, and its main voice is that of the writer J.G. Ballard. Nine dioramas contain virtual sculptures created by 3D images. Each scene will represent a detail of the same social-political situation. The whole thing can be seen as a short film whose montage takes place in the viewer’s imagination.

: 20.30, FuckUp Night #9, LaVallée Grand Opening, special ART edition!

A monthly event series where fuckupreneurs talk about their biggest professional or business failure in an irreverent and candid way.

: 22.00, djset by LaVallée soundsystem, meeting point Theaterfestival, Kaaitheater, Sainctelettesquare 19, 1000 BXL.

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