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Guilherme Serodio



Passionate for systemic questioning, thinking and redesigning, Guilherme Serodio – and others -have been inspired by the municipalist project of Barcelona en Comú and DiEM25 to launch a citizen platform in Brussels. They want to « Elect a process, not a person », reflect on the limits of the current institutional design and empower people in their neighborhoods and cities. They want feminist, horizontal, open, transparent and participated politics, to capitalize on the collective power of our generation and solve the emerging challenges of the XXI century.

LinkedIn: Guilherme Serodio

10:30 – 12:00
Les Communs s’organisent. État des lieux
Avec Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), Benjamin Coriat (Coop des communs), Nicole Alix (Co-Communs), Guilherme Serodio (We brussels/DIEM25).
Modération : Noémie de Grenier (Coopaname)