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Bruno Roelants


Secrétaire général

Bruno Roelants has been Secretary General of CICOPA since 2002 and of its regional organization CECOP CICOPA-Europe since 2006. He worked on development projects in China, India and Eastern Europe, and coordinated the cooperative negotiating group for the ILO Promotion of Cooperatives Recommendation 2002 (n° 193). He has a Masters in labour studies. He has lectured on cooperatives in Italy and is co-author of Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs (2011), Capital and the Debt Trap – Learning from Cooperatives in the Global Crisis (2013) and Cooperatives and Employment – a Global Report (2014). He edited the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) report Cooperative Growth for the 21st Century (2013).

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Futur du travail : c’est vous, c’est nous, mais c’est quoi?
avec Isabelle Ferreras (UCL), Isabelle Daugareilh (Université de Bordeaux), Philippe Defeyt (Institut pour un Développement Durable), Frédéric Naedenoen (Lentic), Bruno Roelants (CECOP)