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Susan Basterfield


Member and Foundation Catalyst

Susan is a catalyst and convenor, helping individuals, teams, and organisations worldwide experiment with new ways of working and being, to actualise the workplace of the future. She believes that self-organising principles, access and participation, and commitment to deliberate personal development emancipates potential and creates more humane workplaces.

She is a founding member of the Golden Pandas livelihood pod standing in the Enspiral network – an experiment in alternative organisation structure and livelihood. Susan’s focus is on creating tools and scaffolds for the commons, and is committed to collective entrepreneurship.

LinkedIn: Susan Basterfield
Twitter:  @opentogrow

Platform Cooperativism (TR)
with Joachim Jacob (Partago), Susan Basterfield (Loomio), Kate Beecroft (Enspiral), Sarah Ledant (Smart), Lieza Dessein (Smart)